fistpump moment:

1. the idea that I’m anyone’s going to go find another person who wastes $15 dollars a month on this game just to “Fistpump” them about us getting a shred of attention.

2. A lawful stupid situation that’s supposed to look cool.

full might of the alliance navy:

1. like 6 ships


1. Never

2. Hahahahahahahahaha

We don’t want this to happen

1. We don’t want you to think we want this to happen



Quick update on teso - I played it for a few hours but I then uninstalled itto remove the temptation - as much as I want to play it - I don’t have time especially since the time I do have I want to use it on wildstar. Just a note on folks who were looking to say hey in game.

this would be the first time i’ve seen someone uninstall a game for fear of liking it too much