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All these things I believe about the western world:

1) Rape culture is a myth. 

2) Bringing awareness to discrimination sometimes helps promote discrimination

3) Men and women have equal power, just in different areas.

4) Men struggle equally as women, they just don’t talk about it as much.

5) Reverse sexism is a thing. edit: someone pointed this out to me, the term is flawed; sexism exists against both men and women.

6) Modern feminism in general operates off of feeling victimized and shifting blame onto other people.

7) A much better term should be egalitarianism, not feminism, as equality is all encompassing, and feminism does not address men’s issues sufficiently.

8) Oppression in the past does not justify treating the oppressors unfairly now. Assuming women’s issues have been suppressed in the past does not mean men’s issues should be suppressed now.